Visual IFS 1.0 Release for Windows

Visual IFS is a program that allows you to design IFS fractals with a few clicks of the mouse. In a user-friendly environment, you can design your fractal almost like you'd draw a picture. Visual IFS has a unique system of coloring each part of the fractal a different color and at the same time blending and shading the colors to produce very realistic texture.

Because it's visual, you don't have to worry about lines upon lines of numbers. The program takes care of all that for you. Of course, you can work with the numbers as well to get more precise; it's your choice. Plus you have powerful coloring tools to shade and blend the colors, all at your fingertips.

The program comes complete with documentation and examples.

The file VisIFS.ZIP contains the Visual IFS executable and the documentation.

Installing Visual IFS

You will need the Visual Basic Runtime Environment installed before you can use Visual IFS. Click Here to download

Unzip the file into one folder.

Run VisIFS.exe and have fun. Press F1 if you want a few tips to get started.

Also available:
Fractest for DOS. Generates Mandelbrot and Julia Set fractals. Use the mouse to zoom or right-click on to set the parameters for a Julia Set. Options to manually set params and export fractal image to Bitmap file. Fully functional freeware version for DOS.

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