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Bible Translation Comparison

Please refer to this article on my new blog: www.pastordaniel.net

The King James Version has been the standard for English translations of the Bible for over 400 years. The original edition, published in 1611, is hardly decipherable by English speakers today. The spelling and type face were updated in 1769, and it is this edition that has held is place as the most popular English translation of the Bible from that time until today.

A McFeeters' Night Before Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas at Kristina's house;
All things were in a flurry--especially my spouse.

The laundry was hung by the wood stove with care
In hopes that it'd dry in the humid night air.

The guest were nestled all snug in their beds,
With dreams of iced freeways and cops and stiff legs.

And her in her apron, and I in my sweats
Were hoping to sleep some before we forget--

When back in the kitchen arose such a clatter
I sprang from my chair to see what was the matter.

Thoughts on Perimeter Security

Door BreachingWhen it comes to electronic security, a lot of thought has to go into many different areas: workstation security, OS security, privilege separation, malware, social engineering, etc. Perhaps one of the first aspects of network security is perimeter security, or the firewall. In most small networks today, this is relatively straightforward. A router/gateway device sits between the LAN and the Internet, filtering desirable traffic from potentially malicious attacks.

First Website

I created my first website around 1998, and hosted it on a free hosting provider.

I guess it's long since gone defunct, but I've resurrected a copy, below, just for laughs:

Visual IFS

The fall of 1998 I was the first time I had consistent access to the world of Microsoft Windows, and all the development platforms associated with it. I learned Visual Basic, mostly through a lot of time playing with Visual Studio. I wanted to write a "real" program, with all the user-interface elements that I was growing familiar with in other Windows applications, and my Visual IFS fractal designer was my most successful attempt. My biggest disappointment with this program was the poor performance, especially related to drawing pixels on the screen.

As a Teenager - DOS and Turbo Pascal

Early DOS Software

My First Program

Everything has a first. I don't recall if perhaps I started this file as a "Hello, World" application, but by the time I was ready to move on from "MyFirst", this is what it looked like. February 13, 1997

Program MyFirst;
  A,B   : integer;
  ratio : real;
  Write('Enter two numbers: ');
  Ratio := A / B;
  Writeln('the ratio is',Ratio)

Source Code: MYFIRST.PAS DOS Executable: MYFIRST.EXE

To Blog, or Not To Blog

That is the question. In the age of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, does a blog even make sense anymore? I don't know. I've attempted a few times before to start blogging, but never gotten very far. Ha, for that matter, I hardly even post on my Facebook account! But, occasionally I take the time to write a piece. Perhaps I feel the need to vent some pent-up ideas occasionally. Or a site to post a recent research project, or a photo, or whatever. So, this is my blog. technically anything.

The Christmas Situation

Written on a particularly cold and dreary Christmas Eve, when I was feeling a bit discouraged. Perhaps not an accurate reflection of my true feelings about Christmas. I do have many fond Christmas memories, but sometimes it seems the societal pressure to be here, or do this or that, or have certain kinds of gifts or ceremonies, or not to have them, can take some of the joy from the simplicity of the season.


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