The Christmas Situation

Written on a particularly cold and dreary Christmas Eve, when I was feeling a bit discouraged. Perhaps not an accurate reflection of my true feelings about Christmas. I do have many fond Christmas memories, but sometimes it seems the societal pressure to be here, or do this or that, or have certain kinds of gifts or ceremonies, or not to have them, can take some of the joy from the simplicity of the season.

It's a day that's filled with consternation 
Of family fuddles and frustration.
The tinseled tree and decorations
Hardly mask the aggravation
Of myriad onerous obligations.

Since when was our capitulation
To this most voluntary of taxations?
To lavish our remuneration
On social or familial placation
And unnecessary accutrementation?

Now, listen to my observation:
Such a scandalous subjugation
To foolish, giddy dissipation,
I can in no wise, sanction,
On a day that was for celebration.

If I am not to be mistaken,
We commemorate the Incarnation:
Immanuel's manifestation,
On this day of angel's jubilation
And wise men's quiet meditation.

If only we had undertaken
To hear His voice in invitation,
This time would hold my appreciation.
But to this present, worldly situation 
I hereby declare my insubordination.

Let's take time for some relaxation,
Worship, praise and inspiration;
Fellowship in congregation,
Engage in pleasant conversation,
And start a Christmas reformation.

(It's with a bit of hesitation
That I post this dissertation.
I don't seek your approbation,
Nor to start a conflagration,
But this matters amelioration.)
        Daniel McFeeters