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Story of a Cell Phone Booster

It was May of 2015. With making 2 car payments, our budget was plenty tight, and we were looking for ways to trim down the bills. So, we looked over the biggest monthly bills in the budget. Car payments, house payment, insurances, taxes, etc. etc. Can't do much about that. Next was utilities—electric and telephone. The phone bill was over $100 each month. That was for basic local calling, no long distance, the only features we paid for were Caller-ID and basic Internet. The bill had just gone up when the phone company laid fiber to all the homes in the county.

Thoughts on Perimeter Security

Door BreachingWhen it comes to electronic security, a lot of thought has to go into many different areas: workstation security, OS security, privilege separation, malware, social engineering, etc. Perhaps one of the first aspects of network security is perimeter security, or the firewall. In most small networks today, this is relatively straightforward. A router/gateway device sits between the LAN and the Internet, filtering desirable traffic from potentially malicious attacks.

Visual IFS

The fall of 1998 I was the first time I had consistent access to the world of Microsoft Windows, and all the development platforms associated with it. I learned Visual Basic, mostly through a lot of time playing with Visual Studio. I wanted to write a "real" program, with all the user-interface elements that I was growing familiar with in other Windows applications, and my Visual IFS fractal designer was my most successful attempt. My biggest disappointment with this program was the poor performance, especially related to drawing pixels on the screen.

As a Teenager - DOS and Turbo Pascal

Early DOS Software

My First Program

Everything has a first. I don't recall if perhaps I started this file as a "Hello, World" application, but by the time I was ready to move on from "MyFirst", this is what it looked like. February 13, 1997

Program MyFirst;
  A,B   : integer;
  ratio : real;
  Write('Enter two numbers: ');
  Ratio := A / B;
  Writeln('the ratio is',Ratio)

Source Code: MYFIRST.PAS DOS Executable: MYFIRST.EXE

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