From September 2011 until September 2012, I worked as a literature evangelist for the Home Health Education Service. During this time, I canvassed across a large area of Eastern Kentucky, selling books like The Bible Story, The Bible Reference Library, and the Encyclopedia of Foods and their Healing Power. My territory included Somerset, London, Manchester, Corbin, Barbourville, Pineville, Harlan, and Middlesboro, and many smaller surrounding towns. During this time I had some of the most incredible experiences. I didn't have time to write them all, but here are a few of the highlights.

Am I Crazy?

The way the weekend went, I certainly wondered if I was—or perhaps if I was dreaming! We had opened the Sabbath evening by witnessing the baptism of two friends, with whom we had studied over the last several weeks. Sabbath day and Sunday morning Kristina and I had the blessing of attending the annual elder's meetings together at Indian Creek Camp. After the last meeting, we dashed to the car and drove straight home, just in time to grab my canvassing bag and rush to an appointment at a nearby church, where the members were eager to buy a set of books.

Double Blessing

A mist of rain coated the windshield as we drove into the gathering darkness. I thought back over the the events of the past couple weeks. God had blessed in countless ways, and I had no doubt that He had called me into this work. However, the past two days had been my first experience canvassing alone, and yesterday I had driven many long miles without a sale. It is so easy to fall into the temptation to doubt and discouragement, just like the children of Israel, even when the providence of God is all around!

My First Week Canvassing

I will never forget my first week as a Literature Evangelist. While winding around the narrow Kentucky roads, my thoughts drifted back over the events of the last few weeks. The “chance” encounter with Dan (our publishing director) a few weeks before had potentially altered the course of my life. Would it? Two and a half years earlier, my wife and I were united in marriage and moved to eastern Kentucky especially to do missionary work. For years I had worked to build a computer business, and now, together, we were building friendships in the community to win others to Christ.

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