Overseas Mission trips. In 2006, I spent 9.5 months overseas, doing mission work among the tribal people in northern Namibia. Here are blogs that I posted during that time.

African Adventures #5

Cleaning. Cooking. Doing dishes. Commuting to work. Checking e-mail. Running errands. Entertaining guests. Fixing things around the house. Do these tasks sound familiar to anyone? What does this have to do with being a missionary? Aren't missionaries those people who take a Bible and picture roll out to the jungle villages and preach to the natives? Aren't missionaries supposed to have clinics and schools and hold meetings and baptize lots of people?

African Adventures #4

When was the last time you spent a week in a village on a tiny island in
the middle of endless water, grasses, and water lilies? Paddled a dugout
canoe to church? Gave a sermon in a church with dung walls and a dirt floor?
Slept in a thatched-roof home? Or took a bath in a river infested with
crocodiles? When was the last time you stood on the edge of a 300 foot cliff,
and watched one of the major rivers of the world pour into the canyon at your
feet? When was the last time you saw a rainbow so close you could actually

African Adventures #3

So what is it like, being a student missionary in a strange country, half-way around the world from home? Well, to tell the truth, not that much different from being at home. We have times of laughter and times of sadness, joys and trials just as anyone anywhere in the world. But sometimes, these come with just a little twist...

African Adventures #1

Well, it's hard to believe it's been a week and a half since I wrote my last e-mail. So much has happened, time has gone by so fast! Thursday on the way up here to Opuwo, just a couple hours after leaving Windhoek, I had the interesting experience of sliding to a stop in a vehicle nearly out of control, while watching the rear wheel of the truck roll past my window...

A Happy Thanksgiving

Good News! My application for a visa to travel to Namibia has been
approved! Praise the Lord--and a BIG THANK YOU to all of you who have been in
prayer for me and the Namibia mission project. This is a huge step forward:
now at least we can plan on finalizing travel arrangements and have a
definite goal for launching. However, we still have not heard any word
regarding the visa application for Lisa Scott, so please continue to keep
that in your prayers--that her application will come through in the mail by
this week or early next week.

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